4519 Mount Vernon Drive, Bradenton, FL. 34210
Mount Vernon Condominium

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4519 Backyard

Note that the backyard overlooking the Canal of 4519 has no trees! This is somewhat unusual for Mount Vernon.

Because you won't need shade when you are sitting out back in the evening at 4519, (faces the east not the setting Sun in the west, plus you have the electric Awning), you don't need trees in the way of the view of the Canal and the boats passing by, or the leaves that backyard trees deposit on your Patio and friends. (Or overhead birds!)

Also note that the backyard, compared to many of the Canal homes in Mount Vernon, is rather large with a gentle slope to the Canal. Its easy to walk down to the bulkhead and docks since it does not have a steep grade. Fishing is great too at the bulkhead.

The homes in Coral Shores across the canal are well kept. Friendly neighbors "across the pond".

If you would like to sit out in the Sun earlier in the day, no trees to get in the way of your tan.

The Manatees are regular visitors to the canal and Dolphins show up from time to time. Lots of jumping Mullets too.

The backyard is Common Element area owned by all the home owners of Mount Vernon and like all the Common Element areas, the grass is mowed and the plants are trimmed by Mount Vernon crew. A huge advantage of condo living.

You can just sit out back in the evening and enjoy the view and not be concerned about yard maintenance. There are -people- to do that for you.

To the left of the Patio is a nice small garden with a center small Palm tree. Every April, Orchids bloom from the tree. (See the pictures!)

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