4519 Mount Vernon Drive, Bradenton, FL. 34210
Mount Vernon Condominium

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4519 Garage/Workshop/Laundry

Aside from a very nice enclosed space to store your car out of the Florida sun, rain and dirt, having one of the only two homes here in Mount Vernon that has a Garage (no more can be built), opens up a wide variety of possibilities for its space.

4519 has the largest of the two
Garage homes in Mount Vernon

As an example, the present Owner of 4519, due to the larger size of its 16 feet x 22 feet fully enclosed Garage, had installed a two-person Hot Tub and large flat screen TV. This created a "tropical" get-away room within this area in addition to the space for the car. Fun for Sunday afternoon movies.

This large enclosed area makes for a rather large work/play/hobby area, perfect for a "Man" (or Lady!) Cave.

Also perfect for indoor, out of the sun, project building.

Or as is is used for now, your own private exercise room.

It's equipped with its own portable Air Conditioner which stays with the home.

And as noted in the pictures of the Garage, the "tropical" murals stay with the home, but can easily be removed if desired by the new Owners.

The tropical mural which covers the side windows is on pulleys so it can be let down to uncover the windows for opening.

The 240 VAC wiring that was previously used for the Hot Tub also stays with the home in case you would like your own Hot Tub or some other use for a higher voltage. (Decorative hobby welding, pottery kiln or maybe even a Sauna?)

Have an "Electric Car" to run around locally or to the Beach?
That 240 Volt panel would be perfect for recharging it.

Depending on the size of the Electric Car,
you might be able to fit it into that side area while
still leaving room for your traditional car.

The Washer and Dryer are located in the Garage and because the front Foyer has its own storm door, you never have to go outside to do your laundry. Many homes here in Mount Vernon have their Washer and Dryer out in the Carport storage closet. That limits night time clothes washing.

Bright LED overhead lights in the 4519 Garage plus other bright lighting offers plenty of illumination both for clothes washing and when you are doing your hobbies in the Garage.

Note that the Garage overhead door has a recent Electric Garage Door Opener. Its a belt drive rather than chain drive to keep it quiet when opening or closing the Garage door.

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