4519 Mount Vernon Drive, Bradenton, FL. 34210
Mount Vernon Condominium

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4519 Patio

Another unique feature of 4519 is that the front of the home faces west and the rear faces the east. The importance of this location is that the Patio is extremely comfortable to sit out back in the evenings because the Sun is on the other side of the house which blocks its brightness and heat. (Remember that this is sunny Florida!)

The Patio is large enough for entertaining and grilling, and is equipped with a new electric, remote-controlled Awning shade.

The 17 foot wide Awning is a heavy-duty Corradi (not the cheaper SunSettter).

Here's the difference between morning (10AM/July) shade with and without the awning extended:

The awning is equipped with an optional Wind-Sensor that automatically closes the Awning at about 15 MPH of wind, plus the optional aluminum cover that protects the awning from the Sun when closed.

Note the shade on the two Patio chairs from the awning in the morning.

During the construction of the Awning, the entire rear area of the home (facia and roof framing) was strengthened (pictures available) to make certain that the Awning was properly supported and mounted. New Soffit and Facia was also installed as well as new Gutters, front and rear.

If you like gardening, the Patio, because of its eastern facing morning sun, is perfect for flowers and plants. If its a bit too bright for you, then just hit the button on the remote for the electric Awning and you are in the shade. That works quite well for newly planted plants to keep them from the bright sunlight too.

The Awning is also a wonderful addition when it starts to rain too. No need to come inside. Just roll the Awning out and you can continue your outdoor relaxation on your Patio.

PS: Many of the homes here in Mount Vernon have a back patio that faces someone else's house. Not a lot of privacy for relaxing in the evening. Same with the Duplexes here. Your neighbor may be sitting right next to your Patio on their own Duplex Patio.

4519, because it is a single home not a Duplex, has considerably more privacy. Same with your view. At 4519 you are looking at the Canal and the boats, and the nicely kept Coral Shores homes across the Canal not the close-by back of your Mount Vernon neighbor's home.

"Quiet-Time" in the evening!

That Palm tree to the left of the patio has Orchids that bloom every April.

Just another feature that makes 4519 rather special.

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